Files stores your files and backs them up in the cloud, like the name, it is simple, just one step to chose the name an location of a folder, it will be kept in sync between all your desktops, you need a developer account to compile the sources and a iCloud enabled provisioning profile to sign them with.

The mechanism for storage is the one in the operating system so it is secure, fast and with no setup overhead.

Your files are incrementally backed up* on a daily basis going back for a maximum of 6 days in the past.

On case insensitive systems lowercase/uppercase filename collision detection is provided.

*previously backed up files are only backed up if their modification date changed.




Menubar icon legend :
-gray icon: no internet connectivity
-pulsing red icon: no cloud availability
-pulsing yellow icon: file collision/corruption detected
-sliding blue icon: backup in progress
-pulsing blue icon: backup paused

The application does not need to be running for the core functionality of file storage to function, however it is best to have it running in order to benefit from additional functionality, namely :
-daily backups
-lowercase/uppercase filename collision detection*
-file corruption detection based on previous backups**
-see status of downloads/uploads activity

* When multiple files are found sharing a name with only case differences they are listed in the menubar, each one should be renamed to a unique name in order to avoid arbitrary overwriting from your systems that are not case sensitive, if any.

** When a file is found to be different from it's last backup but having the same modification date it is assumed to have been modified as a result of disk failure or misbehaving applications, if you can verify that the modifications were indeed intended you can manually set a new modification date and the changed file will be backed up.