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AppsBar gives you a easily accessible launch bar for all your recent closed applications.

It keeps track of all* your applications that you close and shows them in the order they were last closed (less used applications have a semitransparent icon).

Move your mouse pointer to the top of your screen, left click and drag down to make AppsBar slide down from above, scroll left or right to navigate the application icons.

Alternately you could slide it down by clicking on AppsBar's icon in the menubar or use the ⌘⌥B keyboard shortcut.

Great care has been taken to make AppsBar use as few system resources as possible, it also does not engage the discreet GPU and is fully retina display compatible.

Application icons are added and reordered automatically when you quit applications, you can remove icons by clicking and holding on one until (x) buttons appear, that is all the manual management available, NOT A DOCK REPLACEMENT.

*excepting applications that have no dock icon

It’s a clever repurposing of some now-intuitive iOS user interface elements for the Mac. iLounge

One of the coolest things about the current version of iOS ... is the list of all the recently closed apps ... If you want something similar on your Mac, then you have to try AppsBar Rob LeFebvre, Cult Of Mac