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CSV stands for Comma Separated Values and pretty much all spreadsheet or database software can import/export it, but you already knew it, CSV Magic banks on that and enables easy filtering, visualization and correlation of data taken from a CSV file.

First off when you load up a CSV file CSV Magic lets you chose which sections of it you want to work with, once the data is loaded CSV Magic enables you to apply multiple filters to it, string matching can be applied for any or all sections.

Secondly CSV Magic lets you chose a root from which it builds a hierarchical display of all the data represented visually in a familiar drill-down fashion.

Lastly CSV Magic can build, based on two sections of your choosing, a new CSV file of all the associations between those two sections in your data.

And of course once you loaded your data you can export it back to CSV if you filtered it and want to use the new dataset in any other software you use.

CSV Magic, so amaze, just wow