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AppSalesWidget is a dashboard widget that shows data about app sales from itunesconnect AppStore sales in a tiny widget.

It displays the total gross income for the last available week in the reports , it shows the number of total paid and free application units sold in that period.

The "Extrapolated" value is a income estimate for a month based on the daily income average.

The values are refreshed every hour , you need to enter your itunes connect username and password first on the back of the widget.

The itunes conect login details are stored on a keychain named AppSalesWidget on your machine and are not stored or sent on the web excepting when the widget locks into itunes connect in the background , which is via a ssl encrypted connection.

The code is under a GPL license so feel free to check it out , it is based on MacAdSense which you might want to check out if you want a similar widget for reporting addsense income.

Currency conversions are done on the spot using the daily spot exchange rates from the european central bank so they should be fairly accurate , however keep in mind that they might differ from the exchange rates on the day apple makes the currency exchange.



- add monthly totals


22.08.2010 - 0.8 fixed login with apple changes
17.06.2010 - 0.7 updated with apple changes
25.03.2010 - 0.6 some minor bugfixes
06.03.2010 - 0.5 updated with apple changes
23.11.2009 - 0.4 updated with apple changes
19.10.2009 - 0.3 added free/paid app update count , fixed count
08.10.2009 - 0.2 changed updating to 60 min , added updates count
08.10.2009 - 0.1 first release