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VAinfo is a troubleshooting tool that displays information about the network, location, battery, space, memory and operating system in a aggregated and clean manner.

The information is loaded in the background and can be triggered for refresh with a shake of the device , giving audible notices as it loads, it can be copied to pasteboard by pressing.

It can transmit the data using standard tcp/ip streams to a machine on the same network that can be a mac or any other operating system and it can be read by any standard client or our own.



It features the following sections:

  • General: CPU, Battery, Uptime, Free Space, Free Memory, Operating System, Name/Model, Device ID
    Network: Network, IP (private), IP (public), Carrier IP, Hostname, Node
    Location: Longitude/Latitude, Altitude (precision), Place, Speed, Heading
    Operating System: Name, Kernel Build, Build Date, Max Childs/Files/Streams, User Name, Dedicated Memory, Boot Date
    Processor: Cores (active/total), Family, Frequency, Bus Cache (L1/L2), Load average

Desktop client

If you are on windows or do not fancy typing "nc -lk 12345" in terminal on OSX or Linux/BSD etc you can use this platform independent java client to get data from the iphone running VAInfo , click the image below to download for free.

java client