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MyCP shows information from your server or website that has either Cpanel or phpSysInfo.

MyCP aims to be secure, simple and fast,* to aggregate the most useful information while not putting your credentials at risk, in this regard SSL connections are enforced and the password is securely stored in the system keychain.

There is no limit to how many servers you can add, they are displayed graphically on the main screen (bandwidth pie chart for Cpanel and CPU load for phpSysInfo).

Press and hold on the servers in the main menu to rearrange or delete them, press plus to add a new one.

The Cpanel servers show your Database, Storage and Bandwidth usage, the access logs, and bandwidth graphics, there is even a uptime graphic from Netcraft and geoip information in the info page.

The phpSysInfo servers show your CPU, Memory, Storage and Network usage, there Operating system version, uptime and other details are shown along a uptime graphic from Netcraft in the info page.

* and slightly beautiful if possible.