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me I am an Objective-C/Swift software developer based in North Yorkshire with over 10 years of experience writing iOS and macOS software.
facetime Requests for support on my software should be directed to their respective support platforms whenever possible, for anything else feel free to E-mail/iMessage: contact@vladalexa.com
resume pdf I started with computer graphics, moved to system
administration and network engineering, web
programming to desktop and mobile programming.
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valexa pushed to master in VAdesign/VAPrivatePods January 5, 2018
valexa created a branch master at VAdesign/VAPrivatePods January 5, 2018
valexa created a repository VAdesign/VAPrivatePods January 5, 2018
valexa opened an issue in Sajjon/SwiftReflection January 5, 2018
valexa starred google/beacon-platform January 4, 2018
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